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Digital Banking

Take a load off + get stuff done

Go ahead, kick your feet up on the couch. Spend a few more minutes at the pool. Do one more rep of whatever makes you happy, because now you’ve got the time to do it. Addition Financial’s powerful, always connected, on-the-go money management tools make it easier to get things done so you can stay focused on living the rest of your life.

Online Banking

Make checking items off your to-do list your personal superpower. Found an overlooked bill that’s due tomorrow? Paid. Need to see if there’s room in your account for an extra purchase? Done. Want to make sure all your account transactions are legit? On it.  With Addition Financial’s secure Online Banking, you can do what you need to do with your money whenever you need to do it, 24/7.

Mobile App

We can’t get you out of that boring meeting or your child’s twentieth dance recital of the week, but we can help you get stuff done in the meantime. It’s fast, easy and secure to check your balance, pay a friend, deposit a check or see what’s happening in your account anytime, anywhere with the Addition Financial mobile app.

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The bank in your back pocket 

Credit card statements, account statements and tax documents can now be found in the Addition Financial Mobile App.

  • Check account balances
  • Set customized alerts
  • View e-statements and e-drafts
  • Pay bills online
  • Make mobile payments
  • Stop payments
  • Order checks
  • Nickname your account
  • Manage personal info
Credit Score available on tablet and mobile

Your credit score shouldn’t be a mystery.

Log into online banking now to check your credit score for free. (And don’t worry—your score won’t go down because you looked.)
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Life's better as a member

We’re here because of you. Our profits don’t go toward lining some investor’s pocket, they go toward making your life better and easier with lower loan rates, higher savings dividends and fewer fees. Why? Because being a member means you actually own part of our not-for-profit financial cooperative. We’d love to count you in.