Retirement Accounts

Because 55 is the new 30. Back in the day, retirement was about fading gracefully from active life. Not anymore! Whether your vision for retirement involves traveling the world, teaching your grandkids bad habits, living the social life you always dreamed of or all of the above, you’re part of a generation that’s redefining what retired life is all about. So that means you’re going to need a retirement savings plan that sets you up to do more of whatever’s going to keep you young at heart.

Traditional and Roth IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) are insured to $250,000 by the NCUA.

Explore Retirement Options


Traditional IRA

Tax breaks today + money for tomorrow
Avoid paying taxes now on the money you’re saving for retirement and take advantage of decades of compounding interest.
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Roth IRA

Flexibility + tax-free withdrawals
By taking a pay now, save later approach you’ll have fewer taxes to worry about during retirement or whenever you choose to use your savings.
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Term Share Certificate IRA

Growth you can count on
Take advantage of risk-free growth and the opportunity to earn greater dividends with tiered rates as part of your long-term investment plan.

Additional Account Options

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Heritage Benefits
If you’re at least 55 years of age, you can add special features like complimentary checks and money orders to other Addition Financial checking accounts.
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Debit Cards
Choose from a wide array of designs and enjoy convenient access to thousands of ATMs and merchants around the world with your Addition Financial Visa® debit card.
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Life’s better as a member

We’re here because of you. Our profits don’t go toward lining some investor’s pocket, they go toward making your life better and easier with lower loan rates, higher savings dividends and fewer fees. Why? Because being a member means you actually own part of our not-for-profit financial cooperative. We’d love to count you in.