Important Fraud Protection Information

Addition Financial has learned that scammers are placing fraudulent phone calls to some of our members. The scammers pretend to be Addition Financial Contact Center representatives. They ask questions under the pretense of protecting account information when in reality they are attempting to get enough information to gain access to the member’s accounts. This method of fraud is called “vishing” (i.e., voice phishing) and involves mimicking Addition Financial's phone number to make it appear as though the call came from Addition Financial.   

Please be vigilant and keep your personal and financial account information secure.

We will never contact you to ask for the following information:  

  • Credit or debit card PIN Numbers
  • Online Banking passwords
  • All 16 digits of your Addition Financial debit or credit card number
  • The CVV code on the back of the debit or credit cards

Should you receive a call from someone claiming to represent Addition Financial, hang up and call us if you have any doubt about the authenticity of the call.


Enroll in Automated Fraud Alerts Today

Take steps to protect your accounts and personal financial information today. You can now register for Automated Fraud Alerts inside Online Banking. You will then receive automated text messages and pre-recorded digital voice calls when fraudulent activity may be affecting your account.

To register for Automated Fraud Alerts, log into Online Banking and visit “Register for Text Fraud Alerts” under Quick Links.

If you have any questions regarding this message, please call the 
Addition Financial Contact Center at (407) 896-9411 or (800) 771-9411, outside Orlando.