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Origin Savings

From diapers to the school dances

We can’t save you from teething pains or tween angst, but we can help you teach your child the value of saving money with accounts designed for children ages 0 to 12 and our Vibrant Savings account designed for children ages 13-17.

Start Small + Grow Strong

Addition Financial’s Origin Savings Accounts encourage young members to begin saving and developing good money habits from an early age. Helping your child learn the skills that lead to financial independence sets them up for lifelong success.

Help them make their pennies count

Your child’s best financial future begins with opening a Origin Savings account. As grandparents’ gifts and lemonade stand incomes turn into part-time jobs and saving for goals, Addition Financial membership grows with your child and rewards them for saving.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Refunded ATM Withdrawal Fees
  • No monthly service charges
  • Waived membership and minimum balance fee
  • Shared Branch Network
  • Optional Fun Bucks program rewards active saving
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Savings comes in more than one size

The needs of your toddler are different from the needs of your teen, so Addition Financial offers two unique savings accounts designed for different stages of your child’s life.
  1. 1
    Origin Savings

    It’s never too early to help your child save! Designed for ages 0 to 12, it’s like a piggy bank but better.

  2. 2
    Vibrant Savings and Checking

    This account helps youth ages 13 to 17 take a more active role in saving and money management.