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Signature Loan

Easy application. Predictable payments. No collateral required.

Your signature is unique and individual. So is the way you’ll use the loan you get with it. We think that’s pretty cool.

Dream It + Do It

Replace the old couch you inherited with something that’s a little more you and a little less lived in. Go on the vacation of a lifetime (you know, the one where you skydive, ride an elephant or eat in five star restaurants). Consolidate your debts to a single monthly payment and breathe easier. Make more room in your budget for life’s special occasions or for everyday living. It's all up to you, because you can do just about anything with a Signature Loan.

It’s pretty simple. Really.

The money you need is just a signature away. There’s no collateral necessary and no complicated “only on the first Monday when the moon is full” type requirements. Just put the strength of your credit score to good use by filling out an application and borrowing what you need. Because it is unsecured, the interest rate may be higher than other types of loans.

  • Minimum loan amount: $500
  • Maximum loan amount: $30,000
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Repayment term up to 60 months
  • Online and mobile access
  • Friendly member service
  • Discounts on tickets, goods and services
  • Financial assistance and education

Why Addition Financial?

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Earn More + Pay Less

Competitive rates on deposits, loans and credit cards.

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Easy to Find

Convenient locations + shared branches nationwide.

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Money Smarts

School yourself with free financial know-how.

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What are you waiting for?

Do the things you need or want to do with just your signature as collateral. At Addition Financial, we make it easy to get started.
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    Review eligibility

    Anyone who lives, works, worships, volunteers or attends school in 22 select counties may join. View our "Become a Member" page for full eligibility.

  2. 2
    Complete loan application

    When you’re ready, complete the online application or visit your branch to apply in person.

  3. 3
    Get your loan

    Enjoy your new cash.

Get your learn on

Think of us as your personal financial guru, partner and coach for wherever life’s journey takes you. To help you live your best life, we offer money management tools, financial literacy seminars and expert advice that’s easy to understand. Start making every moment (and every penny) count.