Opportunity Credit Building Loans

Establish or repair your credit

You have the power to improve your credit score in just 12 months. We’ll show you how.

You’ve got this

Rebuilding your credit is easier than you think. Our Opportunity Credit Building Loan allows you to borrow $500 regardless of your credit score. We’ll deposit the funds into your savings account but keep them secured over the 12 month repayment period. Once you have paid off the loan over the repayment period, you will walk away with $500 spending cash and an improved credit score.

Borrow a Little + Gain a Lot

This loan is more about building your credit score than about having extra cash. By borrowing a small amount and making on-time payments, you can improve your credit in just one year. That means you’ll be in a better position for things like credit cards and auto loans in the future. You set the goal, we’ll help with the rest – like setting up automatic payments and taking the mystery out of how credit scores work.

  • Repayment term of 12 months
  • Monthly payments required
  • Loan is backed by your savings account
  • Financial assistance and education
  • Friendly member service
  • Online and mobile access
  • Discounts on tickets, goods and services

Payment Protection

Establish peace of mind for yourself when you choose to cover your Addition Financial loan with Payment Protection. By adding payment protection to your new loan, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during a period of reduced income due to disability, illness or death.

Why Addition Financial?

Money Smarts

School yourself with free financial know-how.

On Time, Every Time

Online bill payments = never pay another late fee.

Easy to Find

Convenient locations + shared branches nationwide.

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Improve your financial well-being

Build your credit and your confidence with an Opportunity Credit Building Loan.
  1. 1
    Review eligibility

    Anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in 24 select counties may join. View our "Become a Member" page for full eligibility.

  2. 2
    Complete loan application

    When you’re ready, complete the online application or visit your branch to apply in person.

  3. 3
    Get your loan

    Enjoy your new cash as you work to establish better credit.

Get your learn on

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