Coming this summer, we're launching a better Digital Banking experience.

Save time managing your money with best-of-breed Digital Banking that's as reliable as man's best friend.

What's all the excitement about?



More User-Friendly 
Fewer clicks. Easier, more intuitive navigation.


Multiple Accounts, One View
View all your accounts with a single login.


Member to Member Transfers
Instantly transfer money to other members.


Expanded Card Options
Request new cards, add cards to a digital wallet, and set up alerts.



Enhanced Security Features
Set up multi-factor authentication and security alerts, as well as view activity logs.


Powerful Financial Tools
Analyze your spending, set savings goals, and build a budget with just a few clicks.


Simplified Payments
Set payment reminders, manage stop payments and take advantage of skip-a-payment options.


Dedicated Business Banking
Manage your business account, generate reports, and control user access.


Compare Your Digital Banking Experience.

Our commitment to enhancing your banking experience is at the forefront of our digital transformation. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive comparison between your current digital banking experience and your new, upgraded digital banking experience. See how we've made banking easier, faster, and more secure for you.  


Preparing for Your New Digital Banking Experience

Yes. Please ensure your contact information is correct within the Profile section of your current Digital Banking, including email address, mobile phone number, and mailing address. This will ensure you don't miss any important notifications.  

Please Note: A valid email address will be required to access your new Digital Banking when it launches. You will not be able to use the same email address as another member.

Yes. If you do not have an email address currently listed within the Profile section of your current Digital Banking, please add one. A valid email address will be required to access your new Digital Banking when it launches.

Additionally, you will not be able to use the same email address as another member.

No. You will need an email address on file within your new Digital Banking Profile that is also not on file with another Addition Financial member.

Now’s the time to register for Digital Banking, if you’re not already registered and using the current Digital Banking system. The new Digital Banking experience will be a huge (!) upgrade over the current Digital Banking experience, giving you more options for managing your money and improving your financial well-being.

Visit AdditionFi.com/Register to register.

Very soon! We will notify you through email, a message through the current Digital Banking system, and on this page when the announcement is made.

The new Digital Banking system will have many new features! Click here to view a full list, comparing the features in the current system with the new system.


Business Account Specific Information


Business accounts will now have their own dedicated system with new capabilities like reporting and managing users. Click here to see a full list of changes, including new and enhanced features for Business members

Business accounts will have many of the same features. The only differences are that Business accounts will not have access to Skip-a-Pay or Financial Tools.

Have questions? Count us in.

Call us directly at 800-771-9411 or visit AdditionFi.com/Contact for any questions you may have.


No need to download a new app!
If you have automatic updates enabled the upgrade will be pushed to your device. If you do not have automatic updates enabled, you will need to update the app before you can continue using the mobile app. Don't already have the app?

Don't already have the app? Download today to ensure you are prepared for the latest experience!

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