Fidelity Bank and Addition Financial

Learn more about the merger, how you will be impacted and what to expect.

Why is Fidelity Bank joining Addition Financial?

We are pleased to announce that the shareholders of Fidelity Bank of Florida have voted to merge with Addition Financial, a credit union dedicated to serving Central Florida’s residents since 1937. The shareholders believe the merger is in the best interest of Fidelity’s customers.

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The latest information on Fidelity Bank joining Addition Financial will be updated here. Last updated 8/16.

If you are a Fidelity bank customer, please fill out the Opt-In Agreement below before August 31 to become a member of Addition Financial and ensure the smooth transition of your accounts.

To learn more about the merger and how it will effect your accounts, please click on our FAQs below. 



If you have any questions, visit your local Addition Financial branch or call our Contact Center at 407-896-9411 or 800-771-9411, outside Orlando.