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InCharge Debt Solutions

Addition Financial has partnered with InCharge Debt Solutions to bring you free counseling, debt relief programs and financial education. As a member of Additional Financial, you have access to free counseling, debt management programs that can lower your credit card interest rates to as low as 0%, pre-purchase programs to make your homeownership dreams come true, and more.

What is InCharge Debt Solutions?

InCharge is an Orlando-based nonprofit organization dedicated to building resilient individuals, families and communities with innovative financial solutions and education. InCharge has helped clients pay off more than $3 billion in credit card debt with programs that reduce interest rates and consolidate payments.

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Addition Financial members can get started today by calling InCharge Debt Solutions toll-free number at (800) 403-0032.


Counseling services include:

Our certified counselors will work with you and advise you on what you can afford, explain mortgage terms, the importance of home inspections and what to expect during closing. Our in-person and online workshops will help you learn the steps in the home buying process.
  • Determine when to purchase a home
  • Qualify for down payment assistance
  • HUD-approved
  • Work one-on-one with our counselors
  • Help you become mortgage ready
  • In-person home buyer education workshops
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InCharge Debt Management Programs can help you pay off your high-interest credit card debt. 

  • Reduce interest rates to as low as 0%
  • One consolidated monthly payment
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Credit score – not a factor
  • Become debt free faster

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Your credit report is more than just a score. It contains what your creditors say about you and about the way the way you handle money. That is why it makes sense to review your credit report at least once a year and then take steps to ensure accuracy. Your credit report determines your indebtedness and your bill paying habits which affects your overall credit score.

  • Learn what factors drive your credit score
  • Learn how to improve your credit score
  • Learn how to get control of your credit
  • Create an action plan
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Free budget and credit counseling helps you save money on your monthly expenses. Find out where you’re overspending and how to find areas to reduce your spending so there’s enough left over to pay down your debt and save. Our certified counselors will also evaluate your finances and discuss your options to help lower your interest rates and monthly payment.

  • Helps you find major savings
  • See where you are overspending
  • Review your credit report
  • Review your debt situation
  • Online or over-the-phone
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We are here to help!

If you feel overwhelmed by debt, call a certified credit counselor or get started online for a free analysis of your financial situation. You could be just minutes away from debt relief.