New Digital Banking

We have made some amazing updates to our Online and Mobile Banking services. Online Banking may look a little different than what you have used before, so here is a tutorial to help answer questions you may have.

Online Banking

After you log into Online Banking, you will meet a screen with your accounts listed out below. From this page you will get a quick view into each of your accounts, credit cards, and loans you have with Addition Financial. The routing number is displayed at the top left of the page for your convenience.

To view your accounts, credit cards, or loans, click on the title of the account or any of the options inside the account box.

Online banking

online banking navigation

Accounts - will return you to this main accounts page. You can use this to navigate back to the main page if you are on another page.

Transfer Funds - Transfer money between your accounts, pay down an Addition Financial credit card, view your transfer history, and even add an external account to transfer to and from.

Bill Pay - If you are enrolled in our Bill Pay service, this is where you can set up your easy and reliable bill payments.

Credit Score - View a snapshot of your credit score as a service offered by Addition Financial.

Apply for a Loan - Apply for Addition Financial credit cards, vehicle loans, personal loans, mortgages, second mortgages, and home equity lines of credit (HELOC).

Add a CD - Want to open a Term Share Certificate with Addition financial, you can select type, term, and amount you wish to put in the Term Share Certificate.


Online banking  top navigation

Profile - Update your profile, budgeting tools, your account numbers and membership card, and viewing your messages inside your inbox.

Documents & Statements - Notices, account statements, credit card statements, tax documents, transactions to download, and your accepted disclosures.

Settings - Manage your alerts, travel settings, and external accounts. Transfer balances to an Addition Financial credit card. Change your statement preferences, and enroll in fast balances on Mobile.

Bell - This is your inbox. you will receive messages and notifications in here.

Help - Have questions? Look over some frequently asked questions to see if your question can be answered.

Log Out - After you are done, use this to log out of Online Banking to help keep your account secure.


online banking - account page

After clicking into your account, you will be able to view your account activity. You will view your available and current balances. To the right are different options for each account. On accounts with a debit card, you are able to dispute a transaction on your debit card that you do not feel is yours. Click the make a transfer button to transfer money between accounts.

Want to view your transactions?

Select a date range and any other narrowing topics, and you cans look through your previous transactions in the account you are currently viewing.

On your credit card page, you can view your balances as you do in your account pages, but you can also make a payment, transfer a balance, freeze your credit card , report a missing or stolen card, set an international travel alert, and view your transactions.



Mobile App

Our mobile app also has a new look. The navigation is similar to that of the desktop version, but you will still be able to use such features as fingerprint sign-on, fast balances, and mobile check deposit.
Mobile banking login
Mobile banking accounts
mobile banking checking account
Mobile banking menu
This is the login screen for the new mobile app. From here you can login using your login ID or your fingerprint (if it is set up). If you have fast balance enabled, you can drop the menu down from the top of the screen.
After you sign in, you will get quick access to your accounts, credit cards, and loans. Each square represents a product you have with Addition Financial. To learn more about each of your product, tap on the name of the product to see more information.
Inside your accounts page is where you will find everything you need relating to your accounts. View your available and current balance, dispute a debit transaction, stop a payment, pay a bill, or make a transfer. You can even view your recent transactions here as well.
Navigate through the different menu's by tapping the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top left. This is what you will use to go from page to page just like the top navigation when banking on a desktop. Tap "deposit a check" for mobile check deposit.
Mobile Banking  profile
mobile banking- bill pay
Mobile banking - transfers
From the navigation menu, you can select "Profile" and then "Update Profile". Here is where you can make edits to your online banking profile like updating passwords and email addresses. You can also enroll in fingerprint sign-on on this screen.
You can even pay bills in Mobile banking. Select "Pay a Bill" from the navigation menu and if you are enrolled in Bill Pay, you can set up payments.
After tapping "Transfers" in the navigation menu, you can use this page to transfer between Addition Financial accounts.

Still have questions?

We are here to assist. If you have any other questions, please call our Contact Center at 407-896-9411, or 800-771-9411, outside Orlando, or visit your local branch.