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Aspire Account

To receive the partially secured Platinum credit card, complete:

Required - "Using credit cards responsibly" - Credit card ownership comes with great responsibility—and losing sight of that responsibility can have repercussions. In this course, we'll start with the costs and benefits of consumer credit to help you assess whether you are ready for a credit card. To prepare you for ownership, we'll explain how credit cards work and break down terminology you should be familiar with when evaluating credit card agreements. You'll also learn strategies for managing your credit cards on a daily and monthly basis coupled with an interactive exercise to help you estimate how long it would take you to pay off any current credit card debt. Finally, we'll cover the ugly side of poor credit card management by discussing the risks involved, the effect your credit use has on your credit score, and how to recognize the warning signs of excessive consumer debt.

To receive the auto loan rate discount, complete:

Required - "Creating a budget (and sticking to it)" – The course begins with the basics: you will first learn why budgeting is a crucial component of any financial wellness effort, and what should be included when building a budget. Next, you will be guided through exercises to help you assess your own financial situation and to create a customized budget based on your unique goals. Lastly, the course looks ahead for opportunities to utilize your budget in everyday finance, to build solid spending and saving habits, and to make positive changes that will continually improve your financial health.

Additional Resource - "Understanding credit reports and scores"


Opportunity Account

To graduate from Addition Financial's Opportunity Checking account to Addition Financial's Choice Checking account:

Required - "Understanding credit reports and scores" -  In this course, you will learn the basics of credit management, both holistically and practically. First, the course looks at credit as a whole, revealing the many types of products available, and how credit influences almost every other area of personal finance. Next, the course breaks down the various factors that influence your score, and how these may be used by lenders to assess your creditworthiness. Finally, the course offers guidance and tips on how to read and analyze your credit report, so you can avoid credit pitfalls, and take a proactive role in monitoring and managing your credit score.

Additional Resources - "Banking with financial institutions"  and "Banking beyond checking and savings"

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Step 6 - Take the course and receive a score of 70% or above.

Step 7 - After the course is complete, click "Action Plan" to view and print out your course completion certificate

Completing the course

After locating your course inside Enrich, follow the instructions to complete the lesson topics and take the final quiz at the end. A quiz score of 70% or above is needed to complete the course. After achieving the passing score, select the “Action Plan” button to view your course Action Plan which includes your course completion certificate. Click the print button to the top right of the packet and print out the certificate.

In order to receive your auto discount, graduate to a Choice Checking account, or to obtain your partially secured Platinum credit card, you will need to submit your course certificate to Addition Financial. You may submit your certificate electronically in the loan application center by attaching it to your currently open online application. You may also show your course completion certificate in person to a representative at any Addition Financial branch.