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J.A.M. Jr. Annual Scholarship Program

The Joseph A. Melbourne Jr. Annual Scholarship Program, named after Addition Financial's former President and CEO, will award six college scholarships to six high school seniors—worth a total of $10,000 each. We will also award two master’s level scholarships worth $2,500 each. Now accepting applications until Sunday, February 28.

2021 Scholarship Winners

High School

Alana B. from Real Life Christian Academy
Anticipated College: University of Central Florida
Anticipated Major: Art (BA) (Graphic Design)
Bailey D. from Boone High School
Anticipated College: University of Miami
Anticipated Major: Finance
Charles C. from Bishop Moore Catholic High School
Anticipated College: Florida State University
Anticipated Major: Geography
Gabriel G. from Winter Springs High School
Anticipated College: Seminole State College to UCF
Anticipated Major: Health Science/Physical Therapy
Mikaela C. from Winter Park High School
Anticipated College: University of Miami
Anticipated Major: Biomedical Engineering/ Biology
Seth L. from Seminole High School
Anticipated College: University of Central Florida
Anticipated Major: Computer Science

Master's Degree

Lori-Ann M. 
College: American University - Online
Major: Public Administration
Petrona M.
College: American College of Education - Online
Anticipated Major: Special Education


To be eligible, applicants must meet all of the criteria.

  • Applicant must be a member:

    Applicant must be a primary or joint current account holder with Addition Financial at the time of application submission and scholarship award payout. If the applicant does not have an account at the time of selection, the applicant will be disqualified.

  • Addition Financial employees, officials & immediate families:

    Addition Financial employees, officials, immediate families of employees and immediate families of officials are not eligible.

  • Requirements for high school applicants:

    High school applicants must be graduating high school in the spring or summer of 2021. Applicants must be accepted into or enrolled into a four-year, accredited bachelor’s degree program at a college, trade school or university that is located in the state of Florida. (Minimum 12-credit hour semester or full-time equivalent.) This scholarship award is designed to be distributed over a four-year timeframe.

  • Requirements for master's degree applicants:

    Master’s level applicants must be accepted into or enrolled into a master’s level program that is located in the state of Florida or online.

  • GPA requirements:

    Applicant must have a current cumulative grade point average (GPA) of a 3.0 or higher.

The Award

  • Six college scholarships.

    Each college scholarship winner will be awarded $10,000 over four years. ($2,500 per year.)

  • Two master's scholarships.

    Each master's level scholarship winner will be awarded $2,500 each. (One time payout.)

Entry Requirements

Answer both Essay Questions in the space provided on the application. Scan and attach the Letter of Recommendation to your application.

Essay Question #1: In 100 words or less, pick a character from a movie or a book and discuss their use of money and whether you agree or disagree with their choices.

Essay Question #2:  In 100 words or less, tell us what question we should ask you to help you stand out from all of the other applicants. Then answer the question.

Letter of Recommendation: This letter should include applicant's demonstrated community service efforts.

Judging, Renewal & Timeline

  1. Applications will be reviewed and judged by a scholarship committee within Addition Financial.
    Personal information will be redacted prior to review by the scholarship committee. Missing information within application will result in disqualification. The credit union is under no obligation to contact applicants regarding missing information.

  2. Winners will be selected and notified by April 16, 2021.
    Scholarship check will be made payable jointly to the recipient and their designated school and will be mailed directly to the school. The applicant will work with the school financial aid office to check status of scholarship and their account balance. All decisions made by Addition Financial will be final.

  3. College scholarship renewals will need to be submitted to [email protected] the following information:
    • Proof of completion and grades from the last semester the scholarship was applied.
    • Proof of full-time enrollment for the upcoming fall semester.

If you have questions, please contact the Scholarship Coordinator at 407-896-9411 ext. 2543.

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Scholarship Application

2021 scholarship applications have closed.